About MCC Alumni

Imprinted with memories that run deep and golden like the rays of light that bathe the mighty trees of MCC, the alumni community of this college is one that has been thriving for decades. Every year, the college is host to at least one alumni meet, conducted by one of the thirty four departments of either stream.

These meaningful reunions echo the precious souvenirs of love that encircle their hearts, and tie them to their alma mater. The poignant ecosystem of bonds that has been forged among the various generations of alums in MCC, sets the college apart from others, and such excellence in alma mater-alum interaction could only be brought about due to the shared flame of kindred that binds the alumni together.

MCC thus becomes the nucleus of a thousand stories from lives that have been lived to the fullest, of dreams that dared to test the limits of the sky - it becomes the meeting place of camaraderie and gratitude that have stood the test of time.

The Alumni Association is futile without the cooperation of its alum members, and their active involvement in the events conducted by the association is the cause for the resounding success in the flourishing of the connection between the college and the alumni.

Ways to Engage

MCC holds a significant place in every alumnus’ heart, a sentiment understandably nurtured by the memories and experiences cultivated during their tenure there. Expressing gratitude through contributions to one’s alma mater stands as a poignant gesture, signifying appreciation for these formative experiences and demonstrating support for the institution's ongoing mission.

Alumni engagement initiatives present avenues for former students to maintain connections, share expertise, and provide assistance to current students. Whether through guest lecturing, financial contributions, or participation in alumni gatherings, each gesture serves to fortify the ties between past and present members of the MCC community.

Your inclination to give back derives not solely from cherished recollections but also from a profound belief in MCC's values and its potential to effect positive societal change. By extending support to the institution, you are not merely reciprocating to a place that shaped your past; rather, you are investing in its capacity to shape the futures of numerous individuals and foster beneficial societal transformation.

Should you contemplate avenues for involvement, exploring the varied opportunities within the Alumni Engagement Programme is recommended. Your support, regardless of its manifestation, holds the potential to significantly impact the lives of current and prospective MCC students, thereby reinforcing the institution's standing as a proponent of constructive evolution.


Careers at MCC and Beyond

The journey of MCC is a river, winding through the valleys of time, shaped by the currents of alumni endeavors, carving a path of progress and enlightenment through the landscape of education.

When the call to give back reverberates through the hallowed halls, it is not merely a transaction of currency, but a symphony of gratitude composed in the heartbeats of those who once walked these paths of enlightenment.

Their contributions foster learning and growth for all those that dare to dream, and all those that seek to honor the meandering roads of MCC, walked upon by their predecessors who encountered much success.

In return, we offer them not merely thankfulness, but also an assurance - a long-standing promise to uphold and continue their legacy by emulating the values they honored, by recognizing that they were the pillars that held up the skies that looked upon MCC. We promise that we will activate the dormant potential that is yet to bud in every student that tread the corridors of MCC, acknowledging that alumni possess an invaluable vault of wealth of experience that can enrich the fabric of our faculty, offering a collaboration that transcends mere association - becoming members of the large MCC family.

Global Reunions

In MCC, amidst the din of countless stories, there exists a bond that transcends time and distance. Each global reunion held becomes a nostalgic testament, where memories bloom like posies in a long-forgotten garden. Each familiar face carries the weight of countless shared experiences, reminding us of the bonds that transcend distance and time zones.

The echoes of past triumphs and challenges resonate, igniting a bittersweet longing for days gone by. Yet, amidst the wistfulness, there's a profound joy in reconnecting, in rediscovering the threads that once bound us together. Here, people scattered all across the globe converge, drawn together by shared experiences and friendships that have stood the test of time.

With each global reunion, homage is paid to old ties whilst forging new ones. With each gathering held, the distance dissipates and the consuming expanse of the world isn’t as heavy, as home is found once more.

Department Reunions

The MCC-ian hue of the walls, the tanks, the lush bushes, the ever-friendly deer and the classrooms that you spent your college days in, are all bound to bring forth a rush of fond memories. Reunions are a great way to meet up with old friends, to reminisce about your memorable days at MCC or to develop useful networks with fellow alumni.

Department reunions also help in ensuring a healthy flow of information and career opportunities from the alumni to the students in the department. Meeting up with your beloved classmates, batchmates and favorite faculty members ensures that the connections you made during your college years flourish into long-lasting bonds that last a lifetime.

Alumni Lecture Series

The Alumni Lecture Series conducted by various departments act as a hub for the imparting of information and the rich experiences of the past that each alumnus holds, to the students who are raring to take the future by storm.

With views, ideas and thoughts that come from the diverse experiences of the alumni, such lecture series are bound to give students a better understanding on how the knowledge that they gain from MCC can be effectively applied to the world.

They also help the students in gaining clarity with regards to the path they can follow after their college education, by exposing them to the lesser known strains of the subject. Many alumni from MCC have attained their higher education from significant colleges and universities abroad, thereby also being capable to serve as guides to apply for and enter into various esteemed universities internationally.

Many departments have already conducted such events, and these talks have been proved to be an enriching and empowering experience for both students and faculty alike. The stories shared were not just a testament to individual achievements but served as a calling to all to those that dared to dream.

As the echoes of alumni wisdom lingered in the lecture halls, students left with renewed motivation and valuable ideas on how to go forth in their academic and professional lives. The alumni interactions thus stand as a witness to the enduring legacy of MCC and the limitless potential inherent in its graduates.

Donate for a cause

MCC alumni, the custodians of cherished yesterdays, unite in a refrain of generosity. With each donation, they etch their legacy into the very fabric of this beloved institution, weaving dreams for future scholars to adorn. Through every contribution, they don’t just fund a cause; they nurture a tradition of continued excellence and passion for learning at every step.

United in their commitment to fostering a brighter future, they stand as beacons of inspiration, guiding current students toward their own paths of success and fulfillment. It's in these timeless moments of reflection that the true essence of MCC shines brightest, a beacon of hope and possibility that transcends the boundaries of time and space, forever etched in the hearts of those who call it home.

These acts of generosity not only provide essential financial support but also foster a sense of mutual goodwill, and reaffirm the value of education. With each donation, every alumni engraves their names upon the annals of history, wishing this much beloved institution luck with every trip that it takes around the sun.